Mortgage solutions for Canadians from coast to coast. Most services are at no cost to you.



Government regulations have made it increasingly difficult to qualify for a mortgage. That's why I request all documentation up front, to prepare a business case for approval, identify ways to strengthen your application, and find solutions you may not have considered.

Many Canadians need help qualifying because they own multiple properties, are self-employed, first-time buyers, new to Canada, or have poor credit. You may have more options than you think. Book your complimentary 1x1 and make it happen.


There's never been a better time to get a mortgage, but the choices can be overwhelming. I can help by sourcing the best terms from a variety of lenders. Working with a broker should always save you money so my clients receive unbiased advice with no obligation.

Find out if you could have lower payments, be mortgage-free faster, or get a better renewal offer. Free up cash flow and reach your goals sooner with a solution customized just for you. Book your complimentary 1x1 to get started.


Most Canadian wealth is tied up in real estate. A customized borrowing solution at secured rates could help to reduce monthly costs or diversify your investment portfolio. Options include layered mortgages, home equity line of credit (HELOC), loan, or Visa card.

Real estate equity can be used to renovate your home, gift an early inheritance, buy a cottage, pay for tuition, consolidate debt, leverage to invest, and more. Book your complimentary 1x1 and put your net worth to work for you.


Stay in the home you love, renovate, or buy a new one - and never make a mortgage payment again. Exclusively for ages 55+, this is the perfect solution if you're on fixed or no income, and won't affect OAS or CPP because it's tax-free.

Use your reverse mortgage to pay off the old one, access lump sum cash, and set up monthly income deposits. Enjoy peace of mind with a no negative equity guarantee from Canada's federally regulated banks. Book your complimentary 1x1 and live life on your terms.


Financing your dream home should be exciting, not stressful. Get the money you need when you need it by working with a professional to avoid costly delays. Choose a lender that's fast and flexible or one that offers long-term solutions depending on your needs.

A preconstruction condo or architectural drawings for vacant land have unique lending parameters. HST, New Home Warranty, and appraisals are typically required and can affect what you qualify for. Book your complimentary 1x1 to get the right advice for your project.


The Canadian real estate market has proven to be a great investment whether you fix and flip or buy and hold. The ability to continually access financing is key to success but most investors disqualify themselves prematurely due to improper planning.

Choosing the right lenders can help to keep borrowing costs lower longer and allow you to qualify for more rentals. Avoid the dreaded financing wall by growing your portfolio the right way. Book your complimentary 1x1 for a strategic financing review.

Your financial well being is my #1 priority because I work for you, not the bank. Find out what my clients have to say about my services.

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