Answering your mortgage FAQs during COVID-19. Most answers are applicable to any Canadian although this webinar was presented to a self-employed audience. Thank you to the City of St Catharines Enterprise Centre for inviting me to speak as part of their COVID-19 Support Series.



0:00 Agenda

00:30 About Lauren Pye & VINE Group

1:15 The answer to every FAQ

2:10 What is happening in the economy?

5:24 How have recent events impacted interest rates?

6:49 Should I defer my mortgage payments?

13:19 Will deferring affect my credit score?

15:23 How do I qualify for a mortgage as self-employed?

19:57 Does refinancing make sense?

23:34 Can I still buy?

26:20 Upcoming mortgage renewals - what to choose?

29:03 Parting advice & resources

Audience Qs

30:45 Where do you work?

31:20 I have $0 income due to COVID-19, can I refinance?

33:23 Will I be able to renew my mortgage?

34:17 I already deferred mortgage payments last year with my lender’s permission but it negatively affected my credit, what should I do?

35:47 The Canadian government’s messaging to lenders



A weekly discussion on what's happening in the world of financing, from VINE Agents and industry experts.

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